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Six Trends to Expect from Back of House in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Here are six things you can expect to see in back-of-house tech in 2022. After adopting better delivery and takeout technology in 2020, restaurants are now turning their tech budgets toward bringing in back of house. We expect to see more operators investing in back-of-house as they fully flesh out their tech stack.

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Back of House, Yet Front-Facing Priority – Restaurant BOH Trends to Monitor in 2023

Modern Restaurant Management

Is your restaurant up to speed with the latest best practices for back of house (BOH) management? So, which back of office trends should restaurant ownership and management be concerned with heading into 2023? Those areas of your restaurant that aren’t typically seen by customers but directly impact your business.


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Mastering Your Back of House: The ROI of Restaurant Operational Success

Synergy Suite

In the fast-paced and competitive world of the restaurant industry, mastering the intricacies of your back of house (BOH) operations can be the game-changer that propels your establishment toward lasting success. In conclusion, the ROI of a fluid back of house operation extends far beyond financial gains.

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What is Back-of-House at a Restaurant – Everything You Need To Know

The Restaurant Times

The back-of-house (BOH) at a restaurant is the behind-the-scenes area of the restaurant — it works like an engine and keeps the restaurant going. While it is not visible to the customers, the restaurant’s services get hampered without back-of-house. Why is Back of House Important?

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Profitability in Sustainability: Improving the Bottom Line With Back-of-House and Guest-Facing Measures

Lodging Magazine

Sustainability and ESG (environment, social, and governance) are not only here to stay but, as this national policy demonstrates, leading governments and public authorities around the world are willing to take […] The post Profitability in Sustainability: Improving the Bottom Line With Back-of-House and Guest-Facing Measures appeared first on (..)

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Back-of-House and Drive-Thru Sanitizing Surfaces Industry Guide

Fast Casual

Sanitizing back-of-house and drive-thru surfaces just got a whole lot easier!

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From the Back of House to President of the HFTP: An Interview with Neil Foster

Hospitality Net

At first – and even second and third glance, Neil Foster’s career in the hospitality industry gives no impression of being an accident. Instead, Foster has spent the last quarter century making a significant mark on the industry while working with hotel companies and technology vendors to uncover better ways of doing business.