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Hotel Pricing Strategies to Boost Revenue in 2023


As we step into 2023, the hospitality industry is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic – which makes implementing hotel pricing strategies more important than ever. However, one of the biggest challenges hoteliers face is determining the right pricing strategies to maximize their revenue in the post-pandemic world.

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Hostel pricing strategies | Tips and best practices


Having a robust hostel pricing strategy is essential to a hostel's profitability. You want to find the price that gives you a competitive edge but isn't too high to scare away potential guests. It will depend upon the hostel location, the type of guests, your competitive set, how well your hostel is rated and market trends.

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The Future of Dynamic Pricing


Join Erik Tengen and IDeaS’ Chief Evangelist Klaus Kohlmayr as they discuss the Future of Dynamic Pricing.

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What Do Guests Think About Dynamic Pricing?

Modern Restaurant Management

Dynamic pricing would add friction to the guest experience, according to Capterra’s 2023 Dynamic Pricing in Restaurants. Sixty-five percent of consumers say dynamic pricing would make the decision of where and when to eat more difficult; 63 percent say it would make it harder to budget their restaurant spending.

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Hotel Dynamic Pricing Guide; An Essential Overview of All Price Tags


Revenue management underpins six different main types of hotel room pricing. Called dynamic pricing or “price tags,” this article illustrates these various pricing approaches. Quick menu: The post Hotel Dynamic Pricing Guide; An Essential Overview of All Price Tags appeared first on

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The essential overview of hotel dynamic pricing (price tags)

Hospitality Net

One component is "dynamic pricing." You’re familiar with this model when considering your rack rate vs. your bottom prices. Those bottom prices may not cover much more than your costs, but they impact your rack rate months away when you can see higher profits. You’ll see below how this works.

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Is There a Right Way to Raise Prices?

Modern Restaurant Management

Due to many factors including inflation and supply chain challenges, restaurant owners and operators have been faced with tough choice about raising menu prices. As food prices rise, restaurants should try to stay within their target ratio for food cost to gross food revenue in order to maintain target profits.

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