Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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Understanding Hotel Door Lock Systems in the Philippines

Soft Inn

In the bustling tourism industry of the Philippines, keeping guests safe is crucial. Whether you're relaxing on the beaches or exploring the cities, hotels need reliable lock systems to protect visitors. This guide covers everything you need to know about hotel locks, from how they've evolved to the different types available. Whether you're a hotel owner or manager, let's dive into the world of hotel lock systems in the Philippines.

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Build A Better Menu: Solving the Profit vs. Price Puzzle

Lodging Magazine

A strategically designed menu has an enormous impact on customer choice and your bottom line. Menus created with top food choices in mind will encourage the customer to explore their options and pick something they might not normally choose. If implemented correctly, this will have a positive effect on your profits. Explore the art and science of menu engineering.

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Sunshine Hotels reports a 50-65% increase in RevPAR with STAAH


In a complex hotel distribution world, STAAH made things simple. The results are evident in boosted revenue and staff efficiency. Five decades of service Sunshine Hotels and Resorts is a Pattaya-based hospitality group with more than 50 years of experience in hotel management. Their properties are located in prime locations around Pattaya [Thailand], a tourist mecca.

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Mary Gostelow

The world knows about London’s unique Raffles OWO, a multi-labour of love conversion by the Hinduja family. The hexagonal structure was designed by William Young and Clyde Francis Young in 1906 to hold the War Office, now the Old War Office, OWO. Those who worked in its labyrinth of offices included T.E. Lawrence and, during WWII, Churchill, Ian Fleming and spies galore.

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Planning Your Restaurant's Path to Profitability

Speaker: James Kahler, COO of Full Course

Ever wondered where to splurge and where to safely conserve when it comes to operating and growing your restaurant? 🤔 Join James Kahler, COO of Full Course and industry visionary, in this new webinar where he'll talk all about best practices to invest in your restaurant's success! Whether you're a new business or an established restaurant, a seasoned pro or a rookie, you'll learn the keys to sustainable success in this competitive industry.