No-Code Technology: The Key to Unlock the Future of Your Business

Global economies are reeling from recent upheavals—pandemic aftershocks, geopolitical conflicts, and a tech sector crunch. Mark Zuckerberg's 2023 "Year of Efficiency" ethos extends into 2024, with leaders seeking cost reductions without stunting growth. No-code technology emerges as a beacon of hope, fostering resilience and adaptability. Platforms like and Zapier empower even non-technical staff to automate and innovate, freeing IT for strategic tasks.

A Buyer’s Guide to Future-Proofing Your Restaurant Tech Stack

The race to 100% digital is on. With the restaurant industry still in the early innings of its digital transformation, brands need an airtight strategy when it comes to building out their tech stack. Download the buyer’s guide to learn where to prioritize your efforts and get the most out of every investment.

Business Automation in Hospitality: A New World

Dive into the transformative potential of business automation within the hospitality sector. This comprehensive overview showcases how innovative technologies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate guest satisfaction. Discover the advantages of integrating systems like automated check-ins, CRM, and energy management to not only save on expenses but also to provide a seamless and personalized guest experience.

Win More in 2024: Your Guide to Restaurant Marketing Success

Your Guide to Restaurant Marketing Success Start maximizing ROI and doing more with less with Olo’s ultimate guide to restaurant marketing. In this guide: Strategies to level up in 4 key areas: data, audiences, content distribution, and loyalty Interactive checklists to help you track your progress throughout the year Tips for leveraging guest data across your entire business What you’ll learn: Level 1 | Beginner: Learn how to collect guest data, build a healthy subscriber list, launch personali

Unlock Restaurant Success: Mastering 7 Vital Employment Laws

As a restaurant leader, your plate is full with responsibilities, from staff management to serving up delicious dishes. But amidst the hustle, there's a crucial area you can't afford to overlook – employment laws. In this comprehensive eBook, we'll unveil the seven essential employment laws every restaurant leader must master. We'll break down the intricacies of each law, showing you how it directly impacts your business.